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  • Full-size football field (105m x 67m)
  • 400m long 8-course stadium ring (blue-colored tartan cover)
  • 2 high jump and pole vault sectors
  • 2 long jump and triple jump sectors
  • 2 javelin throw sectors
  • discus throw and hammer throw sector
  • 3 shot put sectors

The stadium has all the necessary basic equipment for servicing training and competitions.


  • Outdoor gym (from April 2017)
  • 55 m long indoor track
  • 7 changing rooms
  • 2 saunas
  • Medical room with ice machine and ice bath
  • Training hall with 60” LED TV
  • Doping checkroom
  • VIP room with an outdoor café
  • Photo finish system (mobile)
  • LED screen display (7880x4520mm)
  • SpinTest

There is a stand with 1501 seats for spectators, plus a free-range area around the stadium (about 1,000 people).


The Pärnu Beach Stadium is an innovative training center, offering not only excellent training conditions, but also modern ways of measuring, testing and analyzing workouts, and is also designed to recover from training. The testing and physical capability development system SPINTEST enables to measure and develop speed, acceleration, jumping ability throwing speed, etc. As a novelty, our SPINTEST system offers a variety of reaction and motion complex tests for neuromuscular system testing and capability development.

There are two 40 seat seminar rooms in the Stadium for conducting theoretical work with the relevant presentation equipment.

As a recovery opportunity, the Stadium offers both cold and hot procedures – ice bath and ice machine and, of course, saunas. Separate rooms are provided for massages (massage tables available on the site).



Pärnu Rannastaadion

Ranna pst. 2, Pärnu

+372 525 3005